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Plumbing may not sound very exciting to some, but when your sewer blocks, or your hot water system dies, suddenly these unassuming folk are super heroes (Well, we like to think so!)

Back Flow Prevention Device | Water Meter | Craigieburn | Finlay Plumbing

Water Meter and RPZ Craigieburn

This is a water meter and backflow device set up in a park at Craigieburn. The backflow device in this photos is a DCV or a Double Check Valve. A DCV is also a testable backflow device. Fitted and tested this one last week. Also set up the anti-theft cage. I Wonder if it’s still…

Blocked Sewer Essendon | Flushable Wipes | Finlay Plumbing

Blocked Sewer Essendon

Blocked Drains Essendon The curse of the ‘flushable’ wipes! Last Sunday morning we were called to clear a blocked sewer drain in Essendon. The cause of the blockage? Our old friends: ‘flushable’ wipes! Flushable wipes were heavily advertised a few years ago, but to be honest, they are a plumbers best friend! If you want to…

Back Flow Prevention Device Essendon | Finlay Plumbing

Reduced Pressure Zone Device Essendon

Ever wondered what these things do? Back Flow Prevention It’s an RPZ or a Reduced Pressure Zone Device which is a back flow preventing device fitted to hot and cold water supply pipes. You might have seen them out the front of schools and other large complexes (they are often in a cage to stop…

Hot Water Upgrade Essendon | Old Rheem 90 Litre HWS | Finlay Plumbing

Hot Water Upgrade Essendon

The old hot water service had done its best, but it just wasn’t keeping up with demand. Still, 22 years is a pretty good run. (Seen that number somewhere before, me thinks) It was time for a hot water service upgrade. The old Rheem 90 litre gas internal hot water service just wasn’t big enough. So, we…

Hot Water Service Moonee Ponds | Finlay Plumbing

New Hot Water Unit Moonee Ponds

Urgent Hot Water Service Moonee Ponds Your hot water unit has failed. You need a new hot water service. Now! This, of course, was probably a discovery you made moments after you jumped into the shower. It’s not a fun situation, we know. Well, at least you’re awake now 😉 So, it’s out with the old…