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Plumbing may not sound very exciting to some, but when your sewer blocks, or your hot water system dies, suddenly these unassuming folk are super heroes (Well, we like to think so!)

Vertical Agi Drains Essendon | Finlay Plumbing

Vertical Agi Drains Essendon

We are currently installing some vertical agi drains for a new basement carpark in Essendon – here are some progress pics

Electric Hot Water Unit Installation Essendon | Finlay Plumbing

Electric Hot Water Service Essendon

Remember that burst hot water unit in Essendon we wrote about a couple of weeks ago? We had a leaking (spurting like a fountain) hot water unit that needed to be replaced. All we were waiting on was for the owner’s to decide between a gas or electric unit. Well the verdict is in! Today…

Hot Water Service Replacement Essendon | Burst Hot Water Unit | Finlay Plumbing

Gas or Electric Hot water Service?

Another burst hot water service in Essendon. We were there within an hour from getting the phone call. This hot water was electric mains pressure – probably fifteen plus years old. It burst at the top near where the sacrificial anode bolts into the top of the cylinder. There’s a match head sized hole which…

Burst Water Pipe Essendon | Frozen Water Pipe | Finlay Plumbing

Burst Water Pipe Essendon

Freezing your (copper) bits off! This is what can happen when the temperature drops below freezing point like it did in parts of outer Melbourne last weekend. This 20mm copper pipe on a roof of a school in Essendon froze. When water freezes it expands. The copper pipe couldn’t take the expansion and burst –…

Aquamax Pilot Light Issues | Hot Water Repairs | Finlay Plumbing

Aquamax Pilot Light Issues

Hot Water Service Repairs Essendon The pilot light on this old Aquamax hot water service kept going out. A frustrating situation, especially when the shower is cold first thing on a winter’s morning! Brrrr… This is not uncommon for the Aquamax. Usually to get it going again the gas control valve and the thermocouple need…

Hot Water Service Repair Essendon | Finlay Plumbing

Hot Water Service Repair Essendon

Hot Water Service & Repairs Essendon Had a call from a new customer in Essendon complaining about his leaking Aquamax gas hot water service. He thought he was up for a new hot water service. We were able to determine over the phone that it was leaking from it’s mixing valve. Within the hour we…

Hot Water Service Replacement Oak Park | Finlay Plumbing

Hot Water Service Replacement Oak Park

Hot Water Service & Repairs Another hot water service installed within four hours from the call of the customer.  This time in Oak Park. Once again another Rheem Stellar 360 mains pressure gas hot water service. Ten year warranty on the cylinder. 360 litres of hot water in the first hour. And AUSSIE MADE!!

Testing for Gas Leak Aberfeldie Park | Finlay Plumbing

Gas Leak Aberfeldie Park

Testing For Gas Leaks There’s a right way, and several very wrong ways to test for a gas leaks. If you suspect a gas leak at your home, don’t take chances – call the professionals immediately! (That would be us 😉 ) This is how we check for gas leaks on your gas fitting line.…

Hot Water Service Essendon 1930s Style | Finlay Plumbing

Hot Water Service Essendon 1930s style

Electric hot water, 1930’s style. Check out this old set up in Essendon, Melbourne. Note the header tank on the tank stand on the roof to give pressure (gravity feed – a poor substitute for mains pressure) and the actual hot water unit on the stand near the back door of the house. This was…