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Tales From The Trenches

Plumbing may not sound very exciting to some, but when your sewer blocks, or your hot water system dies, suddenly these unassuming folk are super heroes (Well, we like to think so!)

Sani Pump Melbourne | Finlay Plumbing

Sani Pump Problems

Sani pumps are a great solution for areas that don’t have direct access to the sewer line, like this unit in a granny flat in Hadfield. The granny flat is a converted garage that already had a concrete slab, so the sani pump is used pump the waste to the sewer line. But, as with…

Bullnose Verandah Flemington | Metal Roofing | Finlay Plumbing

Bullnose Verandah Roofing Flemington

Re-roof Flemington Replacing an old roof breathes new life into older homes. Having weathered many, many years of wind and rain, this old roof was ready for an update. The photos show a re-roof to an old bull-nose verandah we have just completed in Flemington. New downpipe to follow.. Ready to face many more years of…

Sewer Drain Essendon | Plumbers | Finlay Plumbing

Sewer Drain Essendon

These are photos of an alteration to a sewer drain we did yesterday for an extension in Essendon. The air pressure tester is attached to make sure the new section of drain is air (water) tight. We used to test new drains with water, but it used to waste a lot of water, so now…

Hot Water Service Ascot Vale | Rheem internal gas hot water service | Finlay Plumbing

Rheem internal gas hot water service in Ascot Vale

Gas Pilot Light Won’t Light This Rheem internal gas hot water service in Ascot Vale went cold recently. It hadn’t burst – the gas pilot light had gone out and wouldn’t relight. On the same day as the phone call (within hours actually) we went there and replaced the thermocouple – that’s the probe like…

Colorbond Guttering Aberfeldie | Finlay Plumbing

Colorbond Guttering Aberfledie

Gutter Replacment Replacing old guttering not only improves the look of a home, but it ensures that leaks and water ingress don’t cause damage. These photos show a COLORBOND Cottage Green quad guttering that we fitted to an awning roof over a bay window to an old heritage listed house in Aberfeldie.

Hot Water Service East Keilor | Finlay Plumbing

Hot Water Service East Keilor

Hot Water Dramas in East Keilor. To the rescue of another victim of cold showers. This time it was an Aquamax hot water service being the villain. No not a burst tank, just a faulty gas control valve causing the pilot light to extinguish. After fitting and testing the new gas control valve the Aquamax…

Storm water drains Moonee Ponds | Finlay Plumbing

Storm Water Drains Moonee Ponds

100mm Storm Water Drain Here’s a little job from the archives! These photos are from a job where we installed a 100mm storm water drain in Moonee Ponds, approximately 6 years ago. How time flies!

Tempering Valve Replacement | Finlay Plumbing

Tempering Valve Replacement

Cold or Luke Warm Showers? Are you having lukewarm or even cold showers and you don’t know why? Well it could be your tempering valve. What’s a tempering valve I hear you say? Its the brass valve in the photos – this one is actually chrome plated. It’s the valve with the three pipes attached…

RHEEM STELLAR 330 Essendon | Hot Water Unit | Finlay Plumbing

RHEEM STELLAR 330 Essendon

New RHEEM STELLAR 330 Gas hot water installed in Essendon in under three hours Fast change-over hot water! When the hot water unit gives up the ghost, you don’t want to be left with cold showers for days on end! We had the hot water back up and running within three hours for these customers…